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An iconic and minimalistic design. The statement hoodie combines lifestyle with performance. Made of super-soft cotton and elastane, the Statement pullover is ready for anything - training or relaxing. Whereever and whenever. 


Stretch Fit Cotton & Elastane Blend
Side split hem with dip at back
Lengthened body
Raised rubber logo

Current Stock:
title Soft & tapered athleisure hoodie Color-MistGrey https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/hoodies-jackets/statement-pullover-mist-grey/ Color-Black https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/statement-pullover-black/ Color-SkyBlue https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/hoodies-jackets/statement-pullover-sky-blue/ Color-SageGreen https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/hoodies-jackets/statement-pullover-sage-green/
MPN: 699
Warranty: True to size fit. Model is wearing size Large. 180cm 85kg.
Gift wrapping: Options are available

Statement Pullover - Mist Grey

Soft & tapered athleisure hoodie
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True to size fit. Model is wearing size Large. 180cm 85kg.
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