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The Essential Stringer boasts the most universal, physique accentuating fit to push your workouts to the next level. The unique stretch fit fabric keeps you cool and the high quality construction is ready for any challenge you show it. A true staple item for your fitness wardrobe.


Stretch Fit Cotton & Elastane blend
Raised Physiq® logo
Tapered fit
Sculpting seams

Sizing recommendations - The Essential Collection is 'fitted' to size. We recommend choosing a size large if you are unsure of your size or prefer a looser fit.

Current Stock:
title Tapered and stretchy stringer vest photo-1 https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-iyqvgyco/products/465/images/7865/Essential-Stringer-Red-6-Web__42401.1556818703.1280.1280.jpg photo-2 https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-iyqvgyco/products/465/images/7869/Essential-Stringer-Red-5-Web__30065.1556818383.1280.1280.jpg Color-Red https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/stringers-vests/essential-stringer-red/ Color-Azure https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/stringers-vests/essential-stringer-blue/ Color-Black https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/stringers-vests/essential-stringer-black/ Color-CloudGrey https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/stringers-vests/essential-stringer-cloud-grey/ Color-LightOlive https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/stringers-vests/essential-stringer-light-olive/ Color-SteelGrey https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/stringers-vests/essential-stringer-steel-grey/ Color-Woodland https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/stringers-vests/essential-stringer-woodland-green/ Color-Navy https://www.physiqapparel.com/mens/stringers-vests/essential-stringer-navy/ label new product-name Essential Stringer discount-label 30
MPN: 465
Warranty: Fitted to size. This model is 5' 9" and wears a size M. Their chest measures 41" and the waist 31".
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Essential Stringer

Tapered and stretchy stringer vest
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Size & Fit
Fitted to size. This model is 5' 9" and wears a size M. Their chest measures 41" and the waist 31".
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